What is trending in SEO this year?

Dominating SEO trends that you need to know

Google constantly changes its algorithm to keep pace with the changing world. Search engine optimization grows along with these changes all through the year. SEO companies and webmasters continuously look out for innovative and new methods to overcome competition and stay ahead in good ranking and visibility.

This paves the way for new Off-page and On-page SEO trends leading us to the question of what would change this year. What SEO awaits us in 2019? Search engine transforms with evolving new practices. Data analysis and artificial intelligence took over user experiences and search algorithms. Now, the focus has shifted to customers rather than the business.

Let us have a look at some of the new trends that SEO companies or webmasters should adopt to be successful.

Revolution with voice search

With the advent of extensive list of voice search tools, including: Google assistant, Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri, Microsoft Cortana, Samsung Bixby, Yandex Alice, 50% of searches are going to be voice-based by 2020.  As Internet goes through major change, we are moving away from the traditional typing. The next big step in innovation is to teach computers to recognize speech. Voice search plays a key role in helping achieve that.

Enhancement of video optimization

Videos are lately playing a key role in dominating the Internet today. They have become a highly popular source of information and sharing. Though quality and creativity are critical for a video to rank good in social media platforms, it does not make any difference until the videos are optimized for effective keywords. According to a prediction, by 2020, videos will become 75% of the source of Internet traffic. To overcome competition, go with the changes and adopt to new models. Optimize your promo videos and product videos with relevant keywords.

Google Indexing for mobile versions of websites

Google introduced mobile-first index in the year 2018, which helps to rank websites based on their UX quality on mobile devices. The index includes the mobile version of websites; else, it adds the desktop version and ranks them normally. Now, this calls for enhancing mobile device SEO. Start making mobile-friendly websites, else, Google cannot index such websites for mobile users. As people are using more and more mobiles these days, a large amount of traffic will be lost. Prioritize mobile load time even for responsive website designs. Provide accelerated mobile pages for best user-experiences.

Quality expectations on content

Content is king goes the saying, Google ranks sites with high quality content. Now, how do you define high quality for content? The first and foremost in content development is the kind of audience you are targeting. When users search for something in Google, they expect to find something relevant to their search and require 100% satisfaction. Consider this search intent of users and direct your content towards this goal. Dominate the Internet with content that exactly matches and coincides with user intent. Consider using long-tail and specific keywords to catch user intent completely. Keep content personalized as 84% of the people rely on popular brands to give them educational and engaging content.

Securing data and protecting privacy of user data

Securing online data and information is becoming highly critical these days. The General Data Protection Regulation enforces rules to empower users to control their private information used by websites. This is to make user information and data much safer and protect them from vulnerabilities and malicious third-parties. 2019 provides us with enhanced data protection initiatives and gives a very good and secure online experience.

Excellent user experience

User experiences break or make a deal for any kind of business. To keep their profits consistent, business owners must provide a smooth and seamless experience for users on their website. This calls for user-friendly websites, intuitive design and aesthetics, fast page load, and easy navigation. Websites determine the reputation of a business rather than its advertisements. Provide with proper heading tags and easy navigation and optimize websites for all kinds of device.

Dominating with artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become the magic word now. Google might use it in their ranking algorithms to flush out websites that practice black-hat Search Engine Optimization techniques.


Given smart Google algorithms, optimize your content and use the prescribed standards to make your websites more visible to users.

Organic search traffic at the edge of elimination!

Google is removing organic search traffic. Sounds discouraging but what we as SEOs are to confront is more daunting. Google has until now gone in steadily increasing the organic search results. Ample opportunities prevailed until now. Now, SEOs must carve a new path, as there is a bumpy road ahead. What Google does now seem to be unnerving. How do we as SEOs challenge this and still be on the race?

On road to elimination
Let us touch upon the story succinctly!

Google is bringing in “Aggressive Answer Boxes”. For every search question of yours, Google is going to provide with true answers in an answer box, rather than featured snippets or links to external websites. This comes directly from Google or a set of card-style search results comprising of a list of all related information that you might look for and comes in handy.
Google is setting forth on commercial space as well just like job sites, travel, and products. We might see a drastic reduction in opportunities compared to what prevailed so far. Google provides answers straightaway.

New zero-result SERPs, zero organic search results. What is there to optimize?

Paid listings top the search pages with local SERPs almost removing the need for a website making it a very arduous effort to get to a website.

Vanishing organic search space
It is clear as to where this is heading onto. Google wants to provide answers right onto your hands and heavily minimize the influence of organic search on paid click-through. Understand the intricacies of this model to unfold this mystery.

The layout that Google has adopted now:
* Four Ads on Top
* Organic Rankings drop from 10 to 8.5
* Increased Carousels
* The inclusion of paid results
* The great impact
* Organic search results being pushed down further with paid ads being
laid out on the top.
* Increased costs of focusing on paid ads to retain the brand
* Local search packs on the front-end posing as a distraction from
other organic search results.
Given all of this, what do we do to recover and continue effortlessly on the path of adding value to customers, and reaching out to them by optimizing products and services?

Conspicuous solution
First and foremost, make it a branded search rather than servicing random search. Generate lead for the brand and the branded products by searching for a brand. Optimize to list your brand within the first three pick on the card-style list from Google search. Increase brand ranking, which Google cannot eliminate.

Second, extend your optimizing activities to other social media and platforms. YouTube is the best platform to showcase your brand and create wide awareness. Create brand visibility on other social media posts on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. This can bring you back to your Website and help earn more organic traffic.

Next, create a significant impact on the local search packs. Optimize the content that Google shows on the local results. People might not hit your website but they might come to seek your service. Google still needs the right answers to questions. Design and draft those answers, provide the right tips and product information. This will automatically lead searchers to your business.

Finally, putting up a commercial fight by providing the best-paid advertisement visuals on products, information, and supporting videos help to win this battle.

We are transforming into a different world altogether, or to be specific a confident world. The website that wins the battle becomes a true differentiator from the rest. Brands must adapt to result-oriented strategies and paid search results to win the race. It is high time to give back the searchers only what they search for and be up to the point.

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