Metamorphosis of a caterpillar to an attractive butterfly!

The transformation of something important yet complicated, into something easy & attractive forms the basis of Content Development & Technical Documentation.

It is a process of gathering, researching, writing, organizing and editing information. This information is then published in a well-organized and easily accessible format.

Qualitative technical writing skills gain importance, as the producer of such technology may not be always able to communicate its benefits or use to the end user.

There are various industries where such technical writing expertise is essential. A few examples are in the fields of Software coding, Engineering, Electrical & Electronics, Research & Data Analyses, Scientific Publications, Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics.

Documentation of technical content is essential for any regulated industry. Creating the necessary documentation is a prerequisite to entering any market. A company’s Plans and Mission Statements, Business Strategy, HR policy, Official data, forms and employee details all fall into this category.

Generally, corporate tend to consider such technical detailing as a cost factor, a necessary evil. But a successful content strategy must, therefore, focus on changing this into a business asset. The art of drawing a fine balance and aiding the Company’s goals; while still delivering on the appropriate format requires the mastery of a fine creator.

In the fast-evolving world of today’s consumers, the role of such expertise is indeed very challenging. Gone are the days of manuals, hard copies or even soft copy downloads! Today’s consumer has neither the time nor the inclination to read and understand such dry material. One needs to see it to do it! So, now is the world of 3D presentations and DIY videos!

The Colors & Dimensions of The Butterfly are becoming more dynamic and vivid by the day in the adept hands of the right Creator.

WELCOME to The World of AdeptRite Solutions!

Innovation, the road to success!

Creativity, thy name is innovation. Exploring and discovering new ways and means to make life more comfortable, happy, and enjoyable is the basis of human evolution.

Technical writing is not only about the subject; it is all about the little details, which make its delivery easy, quick, and interesting.
Anything intense and highly technical turns out to be boring, and the audiences’ attention and interest are diverted. To gain focus and sustain it, innovative techniques must be evolved to liven up the flow of information.

Gone are the days, when acquiring knowledge on highly technical subjects set the path to search for an expert guide or voluminous books that take to the destination. Today, information is at the touch of a button! ‘Google it’ is the answer and answers it does give, by the millions!

Anyone who chooses to give an answer online presumes to be an authority on it. However, not all these answers are satisfactory or even correct. We find half answered scripts, elaborate video tutorials etc. that may not even relate directly to the subject.

The solution seeker has to sift through a lot of chaff to find, that which most effectively provides the answers. To be the ultimate stop for such search, different methods need to be constantly explored to present refreshingly new ways and means to deliver the answers or solutions.

What was essentially technical material to be read and understood made the move towards adding diagrammatic representations, with numbered explanations to make things easier? The next step was hyperlinked, which explain every step with a click of the link. Applications and animated show/tell me means are commonplace now. DIY videos are in abundance as also twitter handles as a more interactive method of providing solutions.

Hence, it is very important to keep working on novel means to provide well-formulated, concise and effective ways, which adequately interest and satisfy both, the novice and the highly technical.

The secret of success as always is in the sauce!

Quality, uncut gemstones to sparkling gems!

An uncut gem does not sparkle! The key to effective content development is quality. Any creation of quality is no accident. It is the result of diligent effort and patience. There are a few effective tools to aid achieve a production of high quality.

Master the art of making a blade of grass indescribably magnificent. Any idea thus captured stays in memory forever.

The grandest of ideas are often born from the simplest of thoughts. The content need not be too intricate or elaborate. ‘Keep it simple’ is the mantra.

Catch the idea, elaborate, rethink, rewrite and reshape. Cut away at the edges and make the core, the focus of all attention.

Develop the ability to take something universal and make it your own. Give it your own shape. Deliver it in a way unique to you alone.

Polish the gem to conform to the defined process, standards, and guidelines and make it glitter.

Writing on the night skies
Dare to be different. Grab attention! It can be the title, the idea, the presentation, the narrative or the storytelling. Make it sparkle & inspire.
An uncut gem does not sparkle, as the saying goes! The right gem needs to be picked with care. The rough edges have to be removed to give it focus. It then needs to be cut into a simple but unique shape. Finally, polish it off to a high degree to grab the eye. The resultant gem should be an inspiration for many to emulate.

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