Amazed and struck with anticipation at the first look of the Queen Mary 2 from our New York city cab! The unique, black-hulled ship in classic style stationed above the Brooklyn cruise terminal.

I was on a trip to the USA with my family last summer. With an urge to make the best out of the trip, we traveled on the coast from the west to the east to New York City. This amazing city delighted us and we had a wonderful summer, which gave us the best experience ever.

Cruise sure is the best way to explore the Big Apple. It was a beautiful, crisp summer and I wanted to experience the cruise! Given various cruise lines with unique offers to view the magnificent Manhattan skyline, the many bridges and the mighty Statue of Liberty in New York. The cruises offered to circle around the whole of Manhattan, the harbor in the night, and quick cruises touching upon only the important landmarks.

I chose the best cruise line in the city to experience the entire city!We rode a taxi from our hotel to Pier 83, to set forth on our NY cruise. After the ticketing formalities, we were showed on-board the cruise. Settling into our seats with a comfortable view, we prepared ourselves for the long journey of two and a half hours. Well, here the trick was to reach the starting point an hour or earlier for such cruise trips, to get the best seats on-board.

A friendly welcome by the Captain with a platter of cookies and beverages welcomed us on-board. We were awestruck looking at the breath-taking views of the harbor. Summer sun shone brightly on the Hudson River and everything around looked excited and cheerful. All the while, we eagerly followed every syllable of the captain. Looking forward to a wonderful cruise experience, we set sail out of the pier and into the Hudson, where the skyline of Manhattan gradually adorned around us.

Overwhelmed with curious tourists and flashing cameras, the deck was lighted with a spirit of happiness and cheering. I printed out, followed by my family for a better view, gasping and marveling at the name of each building of the skyline. To say a few of the most popular ones I recognized were the UN building, Empire State building, and the World One tower. Enthralled by numerous anecdotes and stories of the monuments by the captain, we fancied the wonderful experience.

Still fascinated by the views, we hit upon the mighty Statue of Liberty! Beautiful and majestic, as she stood there with her torch, gave us goosebumps seeing her so close. The captain turned off the engine to add to our enthusiasm of catching more of her glimpse and click a few pictures. I was struck by its might and beautiful architecture. Amidst all the chaos of the tourists trying to get a picture of their own, we managed to take a picture with the statue in the background. After this, everybody ventured out on the deck soaking in the sun and feeling the breeze, and having fun! We cruised under the huge bridges spanning across all the three rivers of New York, connecting the city to the mainland, through the state of New Jersey.

The momentous and stately George Washington bridge is the one I can recollect the most. This is one of the oldest and the popular bridges that carry millions of vehicles every year. It opened in the year 1931 and is a double-decked suspension bridge spanning the Hudson River. With an upper level of four lanes in one direction, and with three lanes on the lower level in the other direction, it stood there with all its majestic posture, with the pedestrians and bicycle lanes. This bridge is amazingly huge, and sailing beneath it gave us a chance to see all the vehicles plying on it. The Brooklyn bridge, famous from all the movies watched! photographed on this and quiet romantic to be pictured at too! This bridge is older than the George Washington bridge and spans the East River. Well, when we neared the end of our cruise, we witnessed the wealthy and green Upper Manhattan, and the legendary Yankee Stadium.

We became too emotional to end the cruise, but everyone had the best experience of New York ever. We thoroughly enjoyed our cruise and vowed to return, this time for the night cruise! That would be yet another wonderful and new kind of experience for sure.

Written by Poorani Anbu

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