How did the hashtag bubble explode in wake of the elections?

The hashtag battle between “#MainBhiChowkidar” and “#ChowkidarChorHai”, which started from March 16, 2019 onwards turned out to be a contest between the two arch rivals the head of BJP and Congress.

As a kickstart to the data analysis done on the tweets by one of the medias, on March 16th, the results go like: 

For PM Modi’s “#Mainbhichowkidar




For Rahul Gandhi’s “#ChowkidarChorHai




The former had 746 tweets and retweets with comments as compared to the latter with 281 tweets and retweets in the first week of April. But another hashtag called “#ChowkidarhiChorHai” emerged witnessing 380 tweets and retweets with comments, wherein, the opposition boasted off with 661 original tweets. 

People followed suit using these hashtags and flooded the twitter war zone. About 684 million people in India are active in one of the social media platforms like the Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, and Twitter. 

The twitter battleground in 2014 was dominated by the BJP and AAP when the Congress had not yet ventured into the arena. Rahul and INC entered twitter in May 2015. Over 8.9 million followers since entering Twitter is the outcome of the serious efforts made by the Congress, way less than 46.5 million for Modi though.   

Once the elections were announced, the PM tweeted an average of 92 times per week as compared to the previous month of 62 times, while Rahul survived with a weekly average of 11 tweets. But the people engagement that Rahul’s tweets receive is surprisingly high and is way beyond the PM’s tweets.

The “#Mainbhichowkidar” hashtag was on top of the ladder in the per hour analysis with 21.8k per hour of exposure as compared to 6.7k per hour of the “#ChowkidarChorHai”. Whereas, the latter showed a high positive score of 60% in the sentimental analysis as compared to 14.3% of “#Mainbhichowkidar”.


The twitter buzz has slowed down as the elections came to a closure. BJP bagged 9 lakh tweets across the globe for this new hashtag. While, according to a BJP statement, “#ChowkidarChorHai” was not stirring much the minds of the people.

Exploring Mars with the latest man-made technology Rovers

Mars rover ‘Opportunity’ is part of NASA’s Mars Exploration Rover program. Two rovers were launched, the other one being Spirit, on board the Delta 2 Heavy on July 7, 2003. These Rovers landed on Mars in January 25, 2004 each on opposite sides of the planet. Opportunity was also called MER-B OR MER-1 while Spirit was MER-A. Although they were originally designed to operate for little over 90 earth days, Spirit functioned till getting stuck in 2009. Spirit ceased communication by 2010 but opportunity continued functioning. Opportunity has exceeded its intended lifespan by almost 15 years. Since landing on Mars, opportunity has covered 45 kilometres of the rough terrain. However, it went into hibernation after getting stuck in a planet wide sand-storm in July 2018. There hasn’t been any further communication from the rover.

Opportunity and Spirit are solar powered robots that use six wheels to manoeuvre around the terrain. They weigh around 180 kilograms and can move at a maximum of 5 centimeters per second. Solar panels were used to produce the necessary energy to operate the rovers in the mornings, while lithium ion batteries stored energy for use during night-time. The power usage of the rovers was handled according to the environmental conditions. During winters or periods of dust storms, the rovers were designed to perform only the most necessary actions to consume limited amount of power. Sunlight during these periods would be scarce. During extreme weather conditions the rovers have even had to operate for mere few minutes each day.

The landing site of Opportunity was an asteroid impacted crater. The rover made significant discoveries in the site. Presence of water in ancient Mars was discovered by Opportunity. The rover spent two years examining the surface of the crater. It was then programmed to go to another site called the Endurance crater. The rover identified and examined a completely intact meteorite. Towards the end of 2014 Opportunity started to experience memory loss or amnesia due to a fault in one of its power banks. This fault resulted in failure to write data onto the non-volatile memory. A temporary fix was used for a brief period, where the system was directed to ignore errors and warnings. Upon further damage to the memory, scientists decided to not use non-volatile memory at all. The rover was directed to use RAM only.

Despite the numerous scientific achievements by the Opportunity rover, the program faces an uncertain future as there has been no communication from it’s side since the planet wide dust storm last year. Scientists believed that the rover would commence functioning after the dust storm cleared. They now think major damage could have been caused by the storm or large amounts of dust could have settled into the solar panels thereby preventing normal functioning of the rover. All hope may not be lost just yet as they believe another period of extreme winds could potentially clear the dust from the rover, after which they could restart it and commence normal function.

What is trending in SEO this year?

Dominating SEO trends that you need to know

Google constantly changes its algorithm to keep pace with the changing world. Search engine optimization grows along with these changes all through the year. SEO companies and webmasters continuously look out for innovative and new methods to overcome competition and stay ahead in good ranking and visibility.

This paves the way for new Off-page and On-page SEO trends leading us to the question of what would change this year. What SEO awaits us in 2019? Search engine transforms with evolving new practices. Data analysis and artificial intelligence took over user experiences and search algorithms. Now, the focus has shifted to customers rather than the business.

Let us have a look at some of the new trends that SEO companies or webmasters should adopt to be successful.

Revolution with voice search

With the advent of extensive list of voice search tools, including: Google assistant, Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri, Microsoft Cortana, Samsung Bixby, Yandex Alice, 50% of searches are going to be voice-based by 2020.  As Internet goes through major change, we are moving away from the traditional typing. The next big step in innovation is to teach computers to recognize speech. Voice search plays a key role in helping achieve that.

Enhancement of video optimization

Videos are lately playing a key role in dominating the Internet today. They have become a highly popular source of information and sharing. Though quality and creativity are critical for a video to rank good in social media platforms, it does not make any difference until the videos are optimized for effective keywords. According to a prediction, by 2020, videos will become 75% of the source of Internet traffic. To overcome competition, go with the changes and adopt to new models. Optimize your promo videos and product videos with relevant keywords.

Google Indexing for mobile versions of websites

Google introduced mobile-first index in the year 2018, which helps to rank websites based on their UX quality on mobile devices. The index includes the mobile version of websites; else, it adds the desktop version and ranks them normally. Now, this calls for enhancing mobile device SEO. Start making mobile-friendly websites, else, Google cannot index such websites for mobile users. As people are using more and more mobiles these days, a large amount of traffic will be lost. Prioritize mobile load time even for responsive website designs. Provide accelerated mobile pages for best user-experiences.

Quality expectations on content

Content is king goes the saying, Google ranks sites with high quality content. Now, how do you define high quality for content? The first and foremost in content development is the kind of audience you are targeting. When users search for something in Google, they expect to find something relevant to their search and require 100% satisfaction. Consider this search intent of users and direct your content towards this goal. Dominate the Internet with content that exactly matches and coincides with user intent. Consider using long-tail and specific keywords to catch user intent completely. Keep content personalized as 84% of the people rely on popular brands to give them educational and engaging content.

Securing data and protecting privacy of user data

Securing online data and information is becoming highly critical these days. The General Data Protection Regulation enforces rules to empower users to control their private information used by websites. This is to make user information and data much safer and protect them from vulnerabilities and malicious third-parties. 2019 provides us with enhanced data protection initiatives and gives a very good and secure online experience.

Excellent user experience

User experiences break or make a deal for any kind of business. To keep their profits consistent, business owners must provide a smooth and seamless experience for users on their website. This calls for user-friendly websites, intuitive design and aesthetics, fast page load, and easy navigation. Websites determine the reputation of a business rather than its advertisements. Provide with proper heading tags and easy navigation and optimize websites for all kinds of device.

Dominating with artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become the magic word now. Google might use it in their ranking algorithms to flush out websites that practice black-hat Search Engine Optimization techniques.


Given smart Google algorithms, optimize your content and use the prescribed standards to make your websites more visible to users.

Organic search traffic at the edge of elimination!

Google is removing organic search traffic. Sounds discouraging but what we as SEOs are to confront is more daunting. Google has until now gone in steadily increasing the organic search results. Ample opportunities prevailed until now. Now, SEOs must carve a new path, as there is a bumpy road ahead. What Google does now seem to be unnerving. How do we as SEOs challenge this and still be on the race?

On road to elimination
Let us touch upon the story succinctly!

Google is bringing in “Aggressive Answer Boxes”. For every search question of yours, Google is going to provide with true answers in an answer box, rather than featured snippets or links to external websites. This comes directly from Google or a set of card-style search results comprising of a list of all related information that you might look for and comes in handy.
Google is setting forth on commercial space as well just like job sites, travel, and products. We might see a drastic reduction in opportunities compared to what prevailed so far. Google provides answers straightaway.

New zero-result SERPs, zero organic search results. What is there to optimize?

Paid listings top the search pages with local SERPs almost removing the need for a website making it a very arduous effort to get to a website.

Vanishing organic search space
It is clear as to where this is heading onto. Google wants to provide answers right onto your hands and heavily minimize the influence of organic search on paid click-through. Understand the intricacies of this model to unfold this mystery.

The layout that Google has adopted now:
* Four Ads on Top
* Organic Rankings drop from 10 to 8.5
* Increased Carousels
* The inclusion of paid results
* The great impact
* Organic search results being pushed down further with paid ads being
laid out on the top.
* Increased costs of focusing on paid ads to retain the brand
* Local search packs on the front-end posing as a distraction from
other organic search results.
Given all of this, what do we do to recover and continue effortlessly on the path of adding value to customers, and reaching out to them by optimizing products and services?

Conspicuous solution
First and foremost, make it a branded search rather than servicing random search. Generate lead for the brand and the branded products by searching for a brand. Optimize to list your brand within the first three pick on the card-style list from Google search. Increase brand ranking, which Google cannot eliminate.

Second, extend your optimizing activities to other social media and platforms. YouTube is the best platform to showcase your brand and create wide awareness. Create brand visibility on other social media posts on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. This can bring you back to your Website and help earn more organic traffic.

Next, create a significant impact on the local search packs. Optimize the content that Google shows on the local results. People might not hit your website but they might come to seek your service. Google still needs the right answers to questions. Design and draft those answers, provide the right tips and product information. This will automatically lead searchers to your business.

Finally, putting up a commercial fight by providing the best-paid advertisement visuals on products, information, and supporting videos help to win this battle.

We are transforming into a different world altogether, or to be specific a confident world. The website that wins the battle becomes a true differentiator from the rest. Brands must adapt to result-oriented strategies and paid search results to win the race. It is high time to give back the searchers only what they search for and be up to the point.

Metamorphosis of a caterpillar to an attractive butterfly!

The transformation of something important yet complicated, into something easy & attractive forms the basis of Content Development & Technical Documentation.

It is a process of gathering, researching, writing, organizing and editing information. This information is then published in a well-organized and easily accessible format.

Qualitative technical writing skills gain importance, as the producer of such technology may not be always able to communicate its benefits or use to the end user.

There are various industries where such technical writing expertise is essential. A few examples are in the fields of Software coding, Engineering, Electrical & Electronics, Research & Data Analyses, Scientific Publications, Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics.

Documentation of technical content is essential for any regulated industry. Creating the necessary documentation is a prerequisite to entering any market. A company’s Plans and Mission Statements, Business Strategy, HR policy, Official data, forms and employee details all fall into this category.

Generally, corporate tend to consider such technical detailing as a cost factor, a necessary evil. But a successful content strategy must, therefore, focus on changing this into a business asset. The art of drawing a fine balance and aiding the Company’s goals; while still delivering on the appropriate format requires the mastery of a fine creator.

In the fast-evolving world of today’s consumers, the role of such expertise is indeed very challenging. Gone are the days of manuals, hard copies or even soft copy downloads! Today’s consumer has neither the time nor the inclination to read and understand such dry material. One needs to see it to do it! So, now is the world of 3D presentations and DIY videos!

The Colors & Dimensions of The Butterfly are becoming more dynamic and vivid by the day in the adept hands of the right Creator.

WELCOME to The World of AdeptRite Solutions!

Innovation, the road to success!

Creativity, thy name is innovation. Exploring and discovering new ways and means to make life more comfortable, happy, and enjoyable is the basis of human evolution.

Technical writing is not only about the subject; it is all about the little details, which make its delivery easy, quick, and interesting.
Anything intense and highly technical turns out to be boring, and the audiences’ attention and interest are diverted. To gain focus and sustain it, innovative techniques must be evolved to liven up the flow of information.

Gone are the days, when acquiring knowledge on highly technical subjects set the path to search for an expert guide or voluminous books that take to the destination. Today, information is at the touch of a button! ‘Google it’ is the answer and answers it does give, by the millions!

Anyone who chooses to give an answer online presumes to be an authority on it. However, not all these answers are satisfactory or even correct. We find half answered scripts, elaborate video tutorials etc. that may not even relate directly to the subject.

The solution seeker has to sift through a lot of chaff to find, that which most effectively provides the answers. To be the ultimate stop for such search, different methods need to be constantly explored to present refreshingly new ways and means to deliver the answers or solutions.

What was essentially technical material to be read and understood made the move towards adding diagrammatic representations, with numbered explanations to make things easier? The next step was hyperlinked, which explain every step with a click of the link. Applications and animated show/tell me means are commonplace now. DIY videos are in abundance as also twitter handles as a more interactive method of providing solutions.

Hence, it is very important to keep working on novel means to provide well-formulated, concise and effective ways, which adequately interest and satisfy both, the novice and the highly technical.

The secret of success as always is in the sauce!

Quality, uncut gemstones to sparkling gems!

An uncut gem does not sparkle! The key to effective content development is quality. Any creation of quality is no accident. It is the result of diligent effort and patience. There are a few effective tools to aid achieve a production of high quality.

Master the art of making a blade of grass indescribably magnificent. Any idea thus captured stays in memory forever.

The grandest of ideas are often born from the simplest of thoughts. The content need not be too intricate or elaborate. ‘Keep it simple’ is the mantra.

Catch the idea, elaborate, rethink, rewrite and reshape. Cut away at the edges and make the core, the focus of all attention.

Develop the ability to take something universal and make it your own. Give it your own shape. Deliver it in a way unique to you alone.

Polish the gem to conform to the defined process, standards, and guidelines and make it glitter.

Writing on the night skies
Dare to be different. Grab attention! It can be the title, the idea, the presentation, the narrative or the storytelling. Make it sparkle & inspire.
An uncut gem does not sparkle, as the saying goes! The right gem needs to be picked with care. The rough edges have to be removed to give it focus. It then needs to be cut into a simple but unique shape. Finally, polish it off to a high degree to grab the eye. The resultant gem should be an inspiration for many to emulate.

Am I lucky?

Am I lucky? A strong and sensitive phrase, I would say, which is heard from all walks of life, not just restricted to the IT world. Any profession, this has become an everyday quote. We mostly get to hear the phrase “I am unlucky”? Why do people ever say this? Let us understand the pros and cons of life events.

Life is all about good and bad, and how we accept all events around us, and those that we are all part of. We tend to react to the good and bad happenings; it is always a mixed feeling. Why do such events happen? Are they due to a divine power that drives our lives? No one can understand this ever. All good or bad happenings in our lives are triggered by other events or people.

We rendezvous with people in our everyday life, we come across relationships that make life interesting or unhappy. Few people make our lives easy, while others tend to break it causing us pain. At times, life is easy on us, and we happen to meet people, whom we think is lucky to have been with; this affects us profoundly. We feel lucky to have met such people.

We execute our everyday chores and expect success all the time. Irrespective of, whether we work hard, whether our efforts move in the right direction, whether we have defined our goal, we do have an urge for success. This is where ‘Luck’ plays its part. When we fail, it is always the Luck to be blamed. People fancy using the word lucky, anything beyond expectations goes with the luck factor. It becomes a vogue to term others’ success as influenced by being lucky and self-failures due to being unlucky.

Consider a scenario: A considers B lucky, B considers C as lucky, and in turn, C considers A as lucky. For an outsider, D, all A, B, and C are lucky. Nevertheless, A, B, and C do not want to accept the fact they can be lucky. Well, we diligently fancy blaming the luck factor and attribute self-failures on the unlucky factor. Blaming bad luck, we do not leave any scope for introspection. Similarly, blaming the luck factor, we easily justify all wrongdoings. Where do we mostly pull up the luck factor?
• No job, we are unlucky. If others have a job, they are lucky.
• No promotion, we are unlucky. If others do get, they are lucky.
• No onsite opportunity, we are unlucky. If others do get, they are
• No salary hike, we are unlucky. If others get a hike, they are

Most events in our lives are not in our control, which we tend to label as good luck and bad luck. Let us stay focused on the things that we can change or improve and gladly appreciate those things that go with luck factor. Simply speaking, let us make our own luck by being grateful for what we have; let us count the blessings.

God has created those moments that make us feel lucky.
We are lucky to be part of a family, lucky to have good friends who support during difficulties. Lucky to have been born with good health, lucky to have let go off people or events that seemed to be unlucky, to feel grateful for all the other beautiful and lovely things around.

Nature, at times, triggers few unfair events and forces them on undeserving people, but let us keep counting our blessings, and stay focused on those things that we can change. Let us find luck or draw luck towards us, by doing the right things, in a right way. Luck certainly knocks our doors.
The success lies in balancing; good is balanced with bad; the truth is balanced with false; similarly, good luck is balanced with bad luck.

Only a few people outshine and get a very good deal out of life. They are exceptions! Witnessing these does not determine the criteria of luck and bad luck. The so-called lucky-few probably have their own story of bad luck, and how it was converted to good luck.
In conclusion, let us constantly lookout for new opportunities, adopt to innovative and creative ideas, extend our friendship boundaries, take away from new experiences, adopt positivism, eliminate anxiety and stress, and bring in patience and tolerance. We sure will attract luck towards all our efforts and send unlucky to the backseat.

Cruise time!

Amazed and struck with anticipation at the first look of the Queen Mary 2 from our New York city cab! The unique, black-hulled ship in classic style stationed above the Brooklyn cruise terminal.

I was on a trip to the USA with my family last summer. With an urge to make the best out of the trip, we traveled on the coast from the west to the east to New York City. This amazing city delighted us and we had a wonderful summer, which gave us the best experience ever.

Cruise sure is the best way to explore the Big Apple. It was a beautiful, crisp summer and I wanted to experience the cruise! Given various cruise lines with unique offers to view the magnificent Manhattan skyline, the many bridges and the mighty Statue of Liberty in New York. The cruises offered to circle around the whole of Manhattan, the harbor in the night, and quick cruises touching upon only the important landmarks.

I chose the best cruise line in the city to experience the entire city!
We rode a taxi from our hotel to Pier 83, to set forth on our NY cruise. After the ticketing formalities, we were showed on-board the cruise. Settling into our seats with a comfortable view, we prepared ourselves for the long journey of two and a half hours. Well, here the trick was to reach the starting point an hour or earlier for such cruise trips, to get the best seats on-board.

A friendly welcome by the Captain with a platter of cookies and beverages welcomed us on-board. We were awestruck looking at the breath-taking views of the harbor. Summer sun shone brightly on the Hudson River and everything around looked excited and cheerful. All the while, we eagerly followed every syllable of the captain. Looking forward to a wonderful cruise experience, we set sail out of the pier and into the Hudson, where the skyline of Manhattan gradually adorned around us.

Overwhelmed with curious tourists and flashing cameras, the deck was lighted with a spirit of happiness and cheering. I printed out, followed by my family for a better view, gasping and marveling at the name of each building of the skyline. To say a few of the most popular ones I recognized were the UN building, Empire State building, and the World One tower. Enthralled by numerous anecdotes and stories of the monuments by the captain, we fancied the wonderful experience.

Still fascinated by the views, we hit upon the mighty Statue of Liberty! Beautiful and majestic, as she stood there with her torch, gave us goosebumps seeing her so close. The captain turned off the engine to add to our enthusiasm of catching more of her glimpse and click a few pictures. I was struck by its might and beautiful architecture. Amidst all the chaos of the tourists trying to get a picture of their own, we managed to take a picture with the statue in the background. After this, everybody ventured out on the deck soaking in the sun and feeling the breeze, and having fun!
We cruised under the huge bridges spanning across all the three rivers of New York, connecting the city to the mainland, through the state of New Jersey.

The momentous and stately George Washington bridge is the one I can recollect the most. This is one of the oldest and the popular bridges that carry millions of vehicles every year. It opened in the year 1931 and is a double-decked suspension bridge spanning the Hudson River. With an upper level of four lanes in one direction, and with three lanes on the lower level in the other direction, it stood there with all its majestic posture, with the pedestrians and bicycle lanes. This bridge is amazingly huge, and sailing beneath it gave us a chance to see all the vehicles plying on it. The Brooklyn bridge, famous from all the movies watched! photographed on this and quiet romantic to be pictured at too! This bridge is older than the George Washington bridge and spans the East River. Well, when we neared the end of our cruise, we witnessed the wealthy and green Upper Manhattan, and the legendary Yankee Stadium.

We became too emotional to end the cruise, but everyone had the best experience of New York ever. We thoroughly enjoyed our cruise and vowed to return, this time for the night cruise! That would be yet another wonderful and new kind of experience for sure.

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