Since the advent of the Covid-19 virus, the world at large has been taken over by a pandemic. All industries and businesses have come to a grinding halt. With the sudden shock of small businesses collapsing some of us are now starting back in a staggered manner.

In such situations where most of our traditionally followed marketing plans may not work, it is time to look at other ways. As the world and businesses are turning towards going digital and creating an online presence, its time then for all of us to embrace this new media for marketing and advertising. The Digital marketing platform was always considered as just another means to communicate with its customer base. But, not anymore. 

The power of social media and the outreach it has is undeniably huge. To tap into this is a wise decision to make. Let us now look at some of the important reasons why engaging in digital marketing is going to prove more favourable. 

  1. Digital marketing platforms are leveling fields

These platforms give equal opportunity for all types of businesses – be it a small boutique, a big retailer, or even a renowned label; the digital marketing platform reach is the same to each one of them. The start point for all the businesses on this platform is also the same. Given the case, the small businesses can take over the bigger ones with better strategies and plans. They can gain success through targeted and localised marketing too.

2. You can reach your targeted audience easily

The ability of the digital platforms to reach a specific audience is like none other. An ad placed in a publication might reach a group of audience, but for which of them is the ad really relatable to cannot be determined. The digital platforms pierces through these barriers and let you reach your audience. For example, the usage of Google AdWords.

3. Enjoy the Finest ROI

Research and surveys have shown that email marketing is effective and yields the highest ROI, when you have a loyal customer base. Combined with content marketing and social media outreach, the digital marketing ways ensure the business achieve a bigger ROI. With instant results and analysis, digital marketing strategies can be made flexible and scaled up or down based on the immediate requirements. These attributes make digital marketing cost-effective and thus yield remarkably high ROI.

All the above discussed reasons clearly convince us that digital is the new way. Small businesses and entrepreneurs can benefit the most from this. Digital Marketing can be your new way of marketing, slowly replacing the traditional methods.

In this new age, the customers are online and want to research and review online before they make their choices. It only makes sense then to reach out to them digitally. This calls for new ways to market and sell and that is digital

Written by Jyothsna Chiplunkar

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