The hashtag battle between “#MainBhiChowkidar” and “#ChowkidarChorHai”, which started from March 16, 2019 onwards turned out to be a contest between the two arch rivals the head of BJP and Congress.

As a kick-start to the data analysis done on the tweets by one of the medias, on March 16th, the results go like: 

For PM Modi’s “#Mainbhichowkidar




For Rahul Gandhi’s “#ChowkidarChorHai




The former had 746 tweets and retweets with comments as compared to the latter with 281 tweets and retweets in the first week of April. But another hashtag called “#ChowkidarhiChorHai” emerged witnessing 380 tweets and retweets with comments, wherein, the opposition boasted off with 661 original tweets. 

People followed suit using these hashtags and flooded the twitter war zone. About 684 million people in India are active in one of the social media platforms like the Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, and Twitter. 

The twitter battleground in 2014 was dominated by the BJP and AAP when the Congress had not yet ventured into the arena. Rahul and INC entered twitter in May 2015. Over 8.9 million followers since entering Twitter is the outcome of the serious efforts made by the Congress, way less than 46.5 million for Modi though.   

Once the elections were announced, the PM tweeted an average of 92 times per week as compared to the previous month of 62 times, while Rahul survived with a weekly average of 11 tweets. But the people engagement that Rahul’s tweets receive is surprisingly high and is way beyond the PM’s tweets.

Written by Poorani Anbu

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