Am I lucky? A strong and sensitive phrase, I would say, which is heard from all walks of life, not just restricted to the IT world. Any profession, this has become an everyday quote. We mostly get to hear the phrase “I am unlucky”? Why do people ever say this? Let us understand the pros and cons of life events.

Life is all about good and bad, and how we accept all events around us, and those that we are all part of. We tend to react to the good and bad happenings; it is always a mixed feeling. Why do such events happen? Are they due to a divine power that drives our lives? No one can understand this ever. All good or bad happenings in our lives are triggered by other events or people.

We rendezvous with people in our everyday life, we come across relationships that make life interesting or unhappy. Few people make our lives easy, while others tend to break it causing us pain. At times, life is easy on us, and we happen to meet people, whom we think is lucky to have been with; this affects us profoundly. We feel lucky to have met such people.

We execute our everyday chores and expect success all the time. Irrespective of, whether we work hard, whether our efforts move in the right direction, whether we have defined our goal, we do have an urge for success. This is where ‘Luck’ plays its part. When we fail, it is always the Luck to be blamed. People fancy using the word lucky, anything beyond expectations goes with the luck factor. It becomes a vogue to term others’ success as influenced by being lucky and self-failures due to being unlucky.

Consider a scenario: A considers B lucky, B considers C as lucky, and in turn, C considers A as lucky. For an outsider, D, all A, B, and C are lucky. Nevertheless, A, B, and C do not want to accept the fact they can be lucky. Well, we diligently fancy blaming the luck factor and attribute self-failures on the unlucky factor. Blaming bad luck, we do not leave any scope for introspection. Similarly, blaming the luck factor, we easily justify all wrongdoings. Where do we mostly pull up the luck factor?
• No job, we are unlucky. If others have a job, they are lucky.
• No promotion, we are unlucky. If others do get, they are lucky.
• No onsite opportunity, we are unlucky. If others do get, they are
• No salary hike, we are unlucky. If others get a hike, they are

Most events in our lives are not in our control, which we tend to label as good luck and bad luck. Let us stay focused on the things that we can change or improve and gladly appreciate those things that go with luck factor. Simply speaking, let us make our own luck by being grateful for what we have; let us count the blessings.

God has created those moments that make us feel lucky.
We are lucky to be part of a family, lucky to have good friends who support during difficulties. Lucky to have been born with good health, lucky to have let go off people or events that seemed to be unlucky, to feel grateful for all the other beautiful and lovely things around.

Nature, at times, triggers few unfair events and forces them on undeserving people, but let us keep counting our blessings, and stay focused on those things that we can change. Let us find luck or draw luck towards us, by doing the right things, in a right way. Luck certainly knocks our doors.
The success lies in balancing; good is balanced with bad; the truth is balanced with false; similarly, good luck is balanced with bad luck.

Only a few people outshine and get a very good deal out of life. They are exceptions! Witnessing these does not determine the criteria of luck and bad luck. The so-called lucky-few probably have their own story of bad luck, and how it was converted to good luck.
In conclusion, let us constantly lookout for new opportunities, adopt to innovative and creative ideas, extend our friendship boundaries, take away from new experiences, adopt positivism, eliminate anxiety and stress, and bring in patience and tolerance. We sure will attract luck towards all our efforts and send unlucky to the backseat.

Written by Poorani Anbu

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