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One of our best practice is to never use two words when one is enough….

Content helps you to connect and engage with your audience effectively,

Appropriate and quality content gives direct answers to your audience and help solve their problems,

Well-written and executed content helps build your knowledge-base,

Relevant and good content about your products or services, helps your sales team to tell your company story effectively!

  • 2016 - Company Incorporated

    Got a contract with our first client “RIO Learning technologies” to develop learning materials and scholastic books

  • 2017 - Bagged a big contract with URC Infotech

    Bagged a big contract to develop user manuals, case studies, and white papers for CIMS Construction ERP

  • 2017 - Long-term contract with Sify e-Learning

    Acquired a long-term contract to build Interactive Reference Manuals for the sales team of a pharmaceutical company in the US

  • 2018 - Ventured into SEO & Digital Marketing

    Extended our wings to social media marketing and search engine optimization. Acquired a contract with “Recrutist” in Bangalore “Emperor Lifts” in Pondicherry

  • 2018 - Contract with Tarka Infotech

    Made a contract for developing case studies, use cases, and user manuals for ‘Vyapak’, an ERP Construction Software

  • 2019 - Contract with Maganti Brothers

    Bagged a contract with Maganti Brothers who are the stalwarts in the construction support systems for building their website and profile

  • 2019 - Contract with Pratique CFO Services

    Became the content partner for Pratique CFO Services, a virtual CFO company

  • 2021 - Awarded one of the Top IT Consultants

    Was awarded as the Top IT Consultant Startups for 2021 and article published in SwiftNLift Magazine

  • 2021 - Long-term Contract with Reindeer Technologies

    Bagged the content partner contract with Reindeer Technologies to serve end-to-end documentation

Success isn't just about what you accomplish in your life. It's about what you inspire others to do.

The value of an idea lies in the using of it!

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